Global Fertility Connections

Ama Gordon is CEO and Co-founder of Global Fertility Connections (GFC) www.globalfertilityconnections.com which provides education, support and concierge services for women and families who seek egg freezing, IVF, surrogacy and egg donation support while driving awareness to the disparities that exist for black patients and fertility services. 

GFC was born out of the fertility journey of the Co-Founders and the experiences of so many others. After working in both the US and international markets, Ama later earned an MBA degree from Fordham University in New York City before pursuing a career in women’s health and fertility. Ama also co-hosts the Career Gems for the Journey podcast and speaks on behalf of women empowerment in the workplace.



“The fertility journey much like life is not a straight path, but rather a series of twists and turns. One day you’ll look at your family to see how far you’ve come. ”

Ama Gordon MBA