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The main raffle prize is a free “Natural” IVF cycle.

Terms & Conditions

This does not include a new patient visit, office visits, blood drawing fees, ultrasound tests, X-tests, any necessary surgical preliminary surgical procedures, medication, laboratory tests for work up and screening, or an administrative fee. If the patient has insurance, some of these things may be covered by the policy. If the patient is not a candidate for natural IVF for any reason (menopause, no ovaries, needs donor eggs, no uterus and needs a gestational carrier, wants to donate eggs to a female partner for reciprocal IVF, or same sex male couple, etc.), the  winning patient will be eligible for a credit  equal to the cost of a natural IVF procedure towards any other IVF procedure that would be appropriate.


About First IVF

Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best quality fertility and gynecologic care in a responsive and caring environment. Our staff all have years of experience in the profession. They work in concert with nurses and office personnel who try to understand your unique issues quickly and apply the right treatment to achieve your goals.




Prize # 2 from La MusaCircle

1 Spiritual Midwife Session
It can be for mothers to be or before pregnancy
It will include the Rite of the Womb, very special blessing to bring balance, consciousness, health and happiness to all women




I’m honored to share my successful approach in a bilingual 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program. This program offered in English and Spanish will guide and support those couples and individuals trying to conceive naturally or assisted and also those trying to preserve their fertility for as long as possible.

90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program Flyer (3)
Become more fertile in only 90 days by making lifestyle choices and mindset shifts on a personalized, supportive, and non-invasive program tailored to your daily needs while you save energy, time, money, and tears of frustration.

Whether you think you have tried it all or you don’t know where to start, if you are trying to get pregnant, this is for you.
In this bilingual 90-Day Natural Fertility Coaching Program, I will partner with you, inspiring you to make and sustain the positive lifestyle changes and mindset shifts that can maximize your fertility potential, empowering you as a patient and offering nurturing accountability while you work on improving your chances to conceive naturally or assisted.

Through daily support and weekly coaching this program will transform you, helping you gain clarity and confidence in your fertility journey, while making you feel more emotionally and physically connected to your body, your mind, your partner, and to your heart.

What Do They Say About the Program?
“Laura was of great help when my husband and I started trying to conceive. She gave us support before, during and after the process not only by sharing valuable resources- including research, books and recommendations of many natural and organic products, but also by guiding us in changing some lifestyle habits to help us improve our chances to succeed- and we certainly did!”
Queens, NY

“Laura’s unconditional support and knowledge was one of the most valuable things that happened to me after my first loss. I managed to understand the importance of eating well, resting, and disconnecting from everyday life and that can naturally lead you to achieving your dreams, in this case, my son, a healthy and happy baby who is now 7 months old.”
Cori Borberg
Miami, FL