• Sandra Elidor


Sandra Elidor is an entrepreneur. She is a speaker, a coach, a mentor, an Influencer/ Content Creator, and an advocate. In addition, she is the Founder of Infertility and Miscarriage nonprofit company named “Filling Empty Wombs Inc.” 


Sandra battled with her own reproductive issue. In the process of trying to recover from her endometriosis and fertility trauma, she embraces the negativity of her story and turned it into her life’s purpose by creating a nonprofit around her story. She founded “ Filling Empty Wombs to create a SAFE space for the individuals to receive comfort from one another during their road to parenting journey. 



Sandra Elidor believes that there is healing when we speak about our pain. Her main goal is to help women learn and understand their purpose in the mists of their pain. She believes everyone in the infertility and miscarriage community should unite and find comfort with one another. That is why she started a monthly meet-up group to help individuals with infertility find their voice through sisterhood. We should not suffer in silence. Filling Empty Wombs, “FEW” is the voice for everyone until they find their own voice.

Our Motto:

We are the FEW “Filling Empty Wombs


SAFE stands for 

Support. Advocacy. Financial Assistance. Education 


For Post Infertility

Motherhood education, Sandra Also created a for-profit company called Parenting Plug were she believes “Parent’s are the first teachers” 




For more information on Sandra Elidor visit, 

www.fillingemptywombs.org and www.parentingplug.com



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