Dr. George Love Jr. is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Florida since 1986 as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Herbalist, Food Therapist and certified Acupuncturist for 22 years. He is the former Dean of Oriental Medicine Studies at Barna College of Health Science in Ft. Lauderdale and the author of ten books on health including Shield Your Immune System in just 12 Weeks, Meridian Qigong, Ear Reflexology, and Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle. He has mastered skills most other acupuncturists have not ventured into such as Tibetan Medicine, Buddhist Medicine,and Emergency Medical Techniques. He is the co-Founder Black Dragon Qigong Association.


Dr. Love has been involved in the natural healing industry for 25 years as an educator and health care provider. He teaches workshops across the country on Self Healing your Immune System with Meridian qigong therapy. He is available to speak for your organization or company on the following subjects: 4 Doors to Dao Nutritional Healing, Physical Healing, Emotional Healing and Spiritual Healing.

“Bringing solutions for perfect health is my mission and life purpose. You can heal yourself”

Dr. Love